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“If you need a attorney that cares,who is professional and who will fight for you . Then Peter Sabastian is the only attorney you should call. He is straightforward and the honest person. If I ever need attorney advice he will always be my go-to guy. Thank you Peter Sebastian for your great work.”

Pablo M.

“This was my first experience in a court of law, and, thanks to Peter Sebastian, it went smoothly and the case turned out in my favor. He provides excellent representation. His thorough knowledge of the law and past experience as a prosecutor serve him and his clients well. All in all I’m satisfied with how everything turned out and I would definitely recommend him to others who are seeking a great attorney.”

Annie L.

“Bless this man. Peter was patient and held a comfortable and honest space for me during my frantic time spent on the phone with him. Peter wasted no time and followed through with everything he said he would do without worry. A gem of a lawyer, I appreciate his demeanor and how upfront he was, a trustful and respectful man. Thank you.”

Francois C.

I don't defend criminals, I defend people who've made a mistake.

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DUI Defense Attorney


Peter Sebastian Law
1801 Century Park East 24th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Former Los Angeles prosecutor working to help those who simply made a mistake.

N O T A B L E   A S S O C I A T I O N S

We Can...

Keep you from losing your license in most cases.

  • We represent you at a DMV hearing (at which law enforcement officers may be cross-examined and other evidence disputed)
  • Obtain and provide an SR-22 filing with the DMV
  • Assist with IID installation and enrollment in an alcohol class if necessary

We Will...

Fight your case!

  • We obtain all evidence against, you, including the police report, traffic incident/accident report, law enforcement video/audio recordings of your traffic stop, and scientific evidence relating to your breath/blood test results
  • Evaluate this evidence to determine your best defense strategy
  • File applicable motions and conduct related hearings
  • Seek to have the case dismissed if at all possible

Every case has different facts – from how the officer conducted the traffic stop, to “aggravated facts” such as prior DUI, high BAC, no license, or whether there was an accident, an injury, or even hit and run.

Our bail bondsman provides the best service at the lowest rates.

Call and  speak to an attorney prior to talking to anyone else, including your insurance company.